At Gauntlet, we have a library of good ideas just waiting for someone to adopt them.

If the ideas are so good, why aren’t we building the companies? Let’s be honest, razor focus is critical to grow a company and there are only so many hours in the day … One team can not grow all the companies.

Are you passionate about growing a company, but short on ideas?

We should talk.

At the start of our partnership, Gauntlet will still own 100% of the idea, but once we both decide this is a viable idea to pursue, we start to transfer Ownership of the company over to your team.

At the creation of this new entity, your team will be granted 10% of the company. As you build out the business case, we will have weekly meetings and make a decision if this is a viable path forward.

Fertile ideas that pass this second gate move forward. At this point, your ownership of the company grows to 12%.

Based on the milestones already defined, we set targets for Alpha, Beta, Launch and beyond.

At working Alpha, your team ownership grows to 25% of the company.

At Functional Beta, your team will now own 35% of the company and by Launch your team will have 49% ownership. Why does Gauntlet still maintain control at this point? Up until now, We have been handling the legal, accounting, networking and oversight so that you can have razor focus on building the solution. We want to transfer full operational controls to your team in a way that ensures you succeed, and not in a way that overwhelms.

Ownership will continue to transfer to your team as agreed on milestones and revenue targets are met until you own 90-95% of the company and Gauntlet retains only a residual 5-10%.

Interested in exploring ideas?

We Should Talk